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If you get in the habit of doing this, it will become a meaningful part of your ongoing writing processes and development at Ryerson. Meet fellow students, discuss your writing process, get guidance, advice and feedback, and build your confidence as a writer at University and beyond. Class discussions and workshop groups are designed to enhance the student's understanding of the creative process, to stimulate the imagination, and to develop individual abilities. Areas of discussion include style, prosody, conflict, character, dialogue, and revision. Our students are interesting people from a wide variety of backgrounds, including a number of published authors. Join UsOur instructors are all published writers and dedicated teachers, and are supportive and inspiring, both in the classroom and online. Some are new to writing, others are committed writers eager to get feedback, and all are bound by their desire to write. Twenty-six writers, fourteen directors, thirty-five actors, three producers, and a six-member technical team create stories of profundity, chaos and hilarity. Use Course Search to find individual courses meeting your specific subject, program, credit, or scheduling criteria. Writing workshops offer a blend of informal lectures, in-class and take-home exercises, and plenty of feedback on your work from instructors and classmates.

Whether your goal is to upgrade your skills for professional advancement, change your career path, or explore a new area of interest, you can transform our experience into your advantage. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education is located in downtown Toronto, in the heart of the city’s active literary and publishing scene. Trade in global creative goods and services has enjoyed rapid growth over the past two decades and this trend is expected to continue well into the future. Creative Industries students will have access to courses in all of these schools while they also undertake a business concentration designed and delivered by the Ted Rogers School of Management – Canada’s largest undergraduate business school. The Creative Process” — an innovative third-year course exploring how creative ideas happen and how creativity can be fostered in teams and enterprises.

Register for one of our workshops and learn some of the fundamentals of university-level writing. It is intended for students who envision an entrepreneurial career in media, entertainment, design or the visual and performing arts; who are motivated to learn how the creative process functions in these industries and how emerging technologies are reshaping them; and who want to acquire the kind of solid business, communication and management skills that will enable them to build a successful career in these fields. The workshops allowed me to interact and share experiences with other writers, which in turn gave me the confidence to publish my first novel.

The Creative Industries Bachelor of Arts program is the innovative new interdisciplinary program at Ryerson whose goal is to educate the future leaders of Canada’s creative economy. During this intensive one-day Professional Development workshop, you’ll take part in four sessions designed to inform, prepare and re-energize your career as a writer. This upper-level course offers students the opportunity both to study models of good writing and to develop their own creative abilities. Drop-in or register for one of our group sessions for student writers facilitated by our professional writing support staff. Write and learn on our breathtaking campus in Vancouver, Canada, one of the world’s most livable cities. See Distance Education and click on the Certificate Programs tab to see a list of online certificate programs. Use Courses by Subject to view all courses belonging to a particular subject area (e. So, that’s what we do – help students become better writers by engaging them in meaningful conversations about their writing.

You can discuss any aspect of your writing, at any stage of the writing process and get thoughtful, critical feedback that will help you move forward. He examines why our experience of solitude has become so impoverished and guides readers away from a life of ceaseless pings toward a balanced media diet. Whether you have a secret and long-suppressed desire to write or are already writing seriously, we will encourage and motivate you to reach the next level. Creative-content modules: students will complete two 6-course sequences selected from a long list of creative fields: music, publishing, news media, film, performance studies, broadcasting, communication, fashion, curatorial practices, and more. Unique among Canadian universities, Ryerson’s Creative Industries program studies the creative fields from the perspective of enterprise development and entrepreneurship, and blends artistic, media, communication, cultural and business studies to prepare students for employment opportunities or advanced education in today’s creative economy. Book an appointment for individual 25 or 50 minute personalized sessions with a trained writing consultant.