High school art assignments

The focus and the materials used changes from year to year but the general course work is all about design. Create an image using only found images (from magazines, newspapers, worksheets, etc. Some public and private schools may also offer theatre or drama courses, including regular theatrical performances, as well as dance. Exactly what is taught is adjusted based on class makeup, with the size of the class, the needs of specific students and materials available being guiding criteria. This is a great project for students who finish art assignments early or for those days you have a sub. Should span at least 4 pages in some order that communicates the answers to the questions. With each assignment, students learn various methods of surface decoration: engraving, embossing, applique, carving, among others.

Having learned all but throwing on a potters wheel, students are then challenged to combine techniques to create a covered container. Overview: Middle School Students study the principles and elements of design, things like line, space, movement, repetition, balance and color. Make a detailed drawing of your hand holding something related to the fall season OR related to school. You may use more than one magazine or newspaper image BUT the artwork should be made mainly from your added drawings.

The students cut out an area of the photograph, glued the remaining portion of the photo onto paper, and used pencil to draw the missing portion of their faces. In parentheses you will see either an artist whose work was used as an example of the topic or, in parathesis, you will find further detail about the topic. Special topics include how to visit an art museum, how to learn about contemporary art, and assignment episodes. Taking inspiration from their own surroundings, your students can create their very own garden-themed works to take home! Practice drawing anything from observation- the most common things are good practice. And, while there are a handful of publicly-funded schools with a strong performing arts curriculum, you are more likely to find a concentrated focus on these areas of study within the private high school setting.

Using thick, directional strokes of color, your students can create their own Van Gogh-inspired night scenes. She also writes about the administrative end of teaching art – planning the syllabus, evaluating work. These classes are developed to prepare students who elect to take visual art courses when they reach high school. Typically, arts programs available in most public high schools will focus on visual arts such as painting, drawing, ceramics, and sculpture, and music such as orchestra, jazz band, music theory, performance, and choral singing. The lessons are now categorized by grade level, subject, integration, art period, artist, and medium. Students choose from the techniques shown to create 3 samples and then choose to create a final project in the technique of their choice. Others were designed to prepare my students for specific art experiences we will have in the future or to support themes and ideas we are exploring. The assignment sheets might have checklist boxes for more weeks than specified in the syllabus.

A collection of art teacher folk wisdom — the best classroom assignments that the contributors, most of them artists or art teachers, have given or received or even heard of. Whether you teach the Arts as a primary or secondary subject, you will find these lesson plans and teaching ideas written by fellow teachers of interest. What human qualities do the objects in the enclosed space assume when no one is watching?

Make value paintings of each of the colors needed, cut up after color value has been graded to create a stained glass appearance. Monet designed a garden at his home in Giverny to provide beautiful subject matter for his works.