Teaching through problem solving

A problem-solving approach can provide a vehicle for students to construct their. How much money will be spent on raising children in the whole country this year? The common instructional model of “I do, we do, you do, ” increases student dependence on the teacher and decreases students’ inclination to persevere. Teaching Through Problem-Solving (TTP) is a teaching approach that helps students develop mathematical practices and habits of mind as an integral part of mathematics learning. They also need to be able to adapt to unfamiliar or unpredictable situations more. A further characteristic is that a problem-solving approach can be used to encourage.

Through using this approach the emphasis is on making the students more responsible for. How, then, can teachers develop perseverance in problem solving in their students? Approaching mathematics through problem solving can create a context which simulates real. The toolbar tabs “fractions” and “area of polygon” provide step by step support to study Teaching Through Problem-Solving in the context of these two mathematical topics, and to plan and conduct a series of Teaching Through Problem-Solving lessons on each. Inevitably, someday, every one of your students will encounter problems that they will not have explicitly studied in school and their ability to find a solution will have important consequences for them.

Have students write up their solution to a problem by putting all their calculations in one column and all of their reasoning (in complete sentences) in the other column. The parents also felt upset as they regarded this son as an inconsiderate child. Ask directing questions or give helpful suggestions, but provide only minimal assistance and only when needed to overcome obstacles.

The links on the right enable you to quickly revisit particular types of resources (for example, lesson plans). This slows down the thinking process, making it more accurate and allowing you to access understanding. Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this paper are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of our funders. When working with larger groups you can ask students to provide a written“two-column solution. As you work through the problem, consider how a novice might struggle with the concepts and make your thinking clear. In Japan, math educators have been thinking about how to develop problem solving for several decades. Presenting a problem and developing the skills needed to solve that problem is more.

Resnick (1987) described the discrepancies which exist between the algorithmic approaches. It allows the students to see a reason for learning the mathematics, and hence to. Teaching Through Problem-Solving is a teaching approach that helps students develop mathematical practices and habits of mind as an integral part of mathematics learning. Through a problem-solving approach, this aspect of mathematics can be developed. Whether you are beholden to the Common Core or not, this is certainly something you would wish for your students. This helps them to think critically about their own problem solving and helps you to more easily identify where they may be having problems.

Mathematics Series, Book 6, to show how values such as sharing, helping and conserving. How much money would the average person in your town save in a year by walking instead. How much money will your parents have spent on you by the time you finish secondary. Agenda for Action, and other documents, and together, using a process called lesson study, they began exploring what it would mean to make problem solving “the focus of school mathematics. If students are unable to articulate their concerns, determine where they are having trouble by asking them to identify the specific concepts or principles associated with the problem. Today, most elementary mathematics lessons in Japan are organized around the solving of one or a very few problems, using an approach known as “teaching through problem solving.

Uc a-g requirements list

Admissions departments for both UC and CSU campuses look at Doorways to determine what opportunities students had in high school and how well they performed in their "a-g" courses. Academic courses completed in the summer after 11th grade also may be used to complete the 11 courses required for admission consideration. American governmentWorld History/Cultures/Geography: grade of C or better in a transferable course of 3 or more semester (4 or more quarter) units in world history, cultures and geographyB) EnglishUC-approved high school coursesFour years of college-preparatory English that include frequent writing, from brainstorming to final paper, as well as reading of classic and modern literature. D grades in some of them, you have several options to make up these courses and qualify for CSU admission. For example, an intermediate algebra course completed in high school with a grade of C or higher will validate beginning algebra taken in seventh or eighth grade. This site provides extensive guidance on all topics related to the a-g requirements. Doorways is a series of web sites that contain information about every college preparatory class a school offers, how schools can update that information, and extensive general information on the "a-g" guidelines. California high schools, public or private, can update their lists between February and September (check Doorways "a-g" Online Updates for specific dates), either by removing old courses no longer taught or adding new ones that meet the requirements. The UC faculty has ultimate responsibility for determining whether courses meet the rigor and content guidelines to be certified as a college preparatory ("a-g") course for UC and CSU.

Approved integrated math courses may be used to fulfill part or all of this requirement, as may math courses taken in the seventh and eighth grades if the high school accepts them as equivalent to its own courses. There are career and technical education (CTE) courses that can be used to meet any of the subject area requirements listed above. Middle school courses must be comparable in content to courses offered at the high school level. A current high school "a-g" list is crucial in giving universities a snapshot of what college preparatory opportunities students at your high school have had.

Courses used to satisfy the fourth year and/or the entire requirement must be transferable. New courses initially submitted during Phase 1 have up to two opportunities for resubmission if the course is not initially approved. Language Other than English (2 years of the same language; American Sign Language is applicable – See below about a possible waiver of this requirement). You may also complete college courses with a grade of C or better in the missing subject areas. A) History/social scienceUC-approved high school coursesTwo years of history/social science, including: one year of world or European history, cultures and geography (may be a single yearlong course or two one-semester courses), andone year of U.

A grade of C or better is required for each course you use to meet any subject requirement. C) MathematicsUC-approved high school coursesThree years (four years recommended) of college-preparatory mathematics that include the topics covered in elementary and advanced algebra and two- and three-dimensional geometry. College coursesThree semester (4 quarter) units of non-transferable college courses in elementary algebra, geometry, intermediate algebra or trigonometry, with a grade of C or better, satisfy one year of the math requirement.

You can complete appropriate high school courses with a grade of C or better either in summer school or in adult school. Typically, middle school coursework is validated by higher-level coursework completed in high school. If you can demonstrate competency in a language other than English that is equivalent to or higher than that expected of students who have completed two years of language other than English study, you may be allowed a waiver for this language requirement. Back to top)C) MathematicsUC-approved high school coursesThree years (four years recommended) of college-preparatory mathematics that include the topics covered in elementary and advanced algebra and two- and three-dimensional geometry. Enhancements to the website include improving the accuracy of search results and adding new filtering features. You can obtain information and guidance at the Doorways Course Update website about submitting new courses for approval, and you can submit them online. American governmentWorld History/Cultures/Geography: grade of C or better in a transferable course of 3 or more semester (4 or more quarter) units in world history, cultures and geography(Back to top)B) EnglishUC-approved high school coursesFour years of college-preparatory English that include frequent writing, from brainstorming to final paper, as well as reading of classic and modern literature. This gateway leads to extensive information about a-g, including high school course lists, information on the course submission process, and the web site where schools can update their a-g course lists.

Grade of C or better in a transferable mathematics course of at least 3 semester (4 quarter units) that has intermediate algebra as a prerequisite satisfies the entire requirement. Every high school maintains its own list of the courses that have been certified as meeting "a-g.

Best book on creative writing

It will provide you with numerous examples of how a word is used to narrow down your word choices. One exercise, for instance, suggests reading the newspaper and marking the location of subjects and verbs. This is the big picture, the analog of that big starting triangle in the snowflake picture. Even now, as cloud technology moves files into a space accessible from anywhere in the world, it seems the next generation of authors will wonder how their predecessors made do with keeping their work on individual computers.

With creative writing software, you can click on a prompt that helps you brainstorm ideas before you even start your daily writing session. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required. Your back-cover copy should summarize only about the first quarter of the story. An effective creative writing software program will also help you find the exact word you’re looking for with an advanced thesaurus. When it comes to technology, Collins says that truly great companies understand how and when to embrace shiny new toys.

Writing tools designed for a wide variety of uses might be sufficient, but they’re full of features novelists don’t need and lack many that they do. The ‘save’ function we take for granted was never dreamed of by those authors writing single copies of their masterworks on sheets of paper. Scrivener may be a wonderful tool for dividing up book chapters and helping you organize information, but it is not going to put your butt in the chair and help you bang out those words. For a number of years, I was a software architect designing large software projects. While the average company seeks to use every new technology that arises to solve their problems, great companies use technology as “an accelerator of momentum, not a creator of it. Good to great organizations, ” Collins says, “think differently about technology and technological change than mediocre ones. Vellum may be a wonderful tool for formatting, but it is not going to hammer out chapter after chapter until your plot holes are full. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading.

In the past decade, Writing Tools has become a classic guidebook for novices and experts alike and remains one of the best loved books on writing available. In a world where every computer comes with basic writing software it can be tempting to think authors have everything they need, but that’s a thought that’s plagued every innovation. Accessible, entertaining, inspiring, and above all, useful for every type of writer, from high school student to novelist, Writing Tools is essential reading. Step 2) Take another hour and expand that sentence to a full paragraph describing the story setup, major disasters, and ending of the novel. In chapter seven of his leadership classic, Good to Great, Jim Collins addresses the issue of new technology and how businesses should use them. Covering the writing waterfront-from basics on verb tense to the value of forming a “support group”-Poynter Institute vice president Clark offers tips, tricks and techniques for anyone putting fingers to keyboard. However, creative writing software can take your writing process to the next level, providing tools that are more refined than the ones you’ll find in the average word processing program. Another provides a close reading of a passage from The Postman Always Rings Twice to look at the ways word placement and sentence structure can add punch to prose. You also may be working on a tight budget, so you might ask yourself why investing in a creative writing software program would improve your writing. In a world where there’s an app for everything it’s no longer necessary to use the same technology for writing a novel as you would for writing a shopping list or composing an email.

Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Top Ten Reviews may earn money when you click on links. When you later write your book proposal, this sentence should appear very early in the proposal. Word processing programs, after all, provide you with many of the tools you need to write efficiently and effectively. Like mastering any skill, becoming a great writer takes discipline, focus, intentionality, and hours upon hours of practice. Frankly, there are a thousand different people out there who can tell you how to write a novel. Computers have grown more compact, more transportable, but it’s in how we use them that the real progress has been made. The way that writing tools have developed you could be forgiven for thinking the next innovation in writing technology will be a new machine.

Each of the disasters takes a quarter of the book to develop and the ending takes the final quarter.

Review of literature in working capital management

Findings – Detailed content analysis reveals that most of the research work is empirical and focuses mainly on two aspects, impact of working capital on profitability of firm and working capital practices. Working capital may be required to bridge the gap between buying of stocked items to eventual payment for goods sold on account. These same firms a re also larger in size, have higher sales growth and lower debt financing. Studies from other countries not included in the aforementioned regions will be described in the following topic. This chapter ends with a table summarizing the findings of different authors from this literature review.

In Raheman and Nasr (2007) research adaptation, the correlation analysis between average collection period and net operating profitability shows a negative coefficient. Efficient working capital management is an integral component of the overall corporate strategy to create. Average collection period is formulated by dividing accounts receivable by sales. The major issues with prior literature are lack of survey-based approach and lack of systematic theory development study, which opens all new areas for future research.

Subsequently, various emerging trends in the field of WCM are identified to help researchers specifying gaps in the literature and direct research efforts. Working capital is the result of the time lag between the expenditure for the purchase of raw materials and the collection for the sale of the finished product. This means that if the average collection period increases, it will lower the profits in return. You have installed an application that monitors or blocks cookies from being set. This paper reviews a large number of articles on WCM and provides a classification scheme in to various categories. The continuing flow of cash from suppliers to inventory to accounts receivable and back into cash is usually referred to as the cash conversion cycle.

Working capital management is considered to be a very important element to analyze the. WCM has attracted serious research attention in the recent past, especially after the financial crisis of 2008. The future research directions proposed in this paper may help develop a greater understanding of determinants and practices of WCM. Working capital also has to fund the gap when products are on hand but being held in stock. Working capital is the money required to finance the day to day operations of an organization. They had agreed that elongate the deadlines for customers to repay their payments may project greater payment facilities, but would negatively affect the profitability of a firm. Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to review research on working capital management (WCM) and to identify gaps in the current body of knowledge, which justify future research directions.

Bipolar disorder research paper

Bipolar disorder goes by many different names, but they are all the same disorder. Bipolar disorder has eventually been recognized to be caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. The depressive episodes are characterized by intense feelings of sadness and despair that can become feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. The American Psychiatric Association’s diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders describes manic episodes as follows: “The essential feature is a distinct period when the predominant mood is either elevated, expansive or irritable and when there are associated symptoms of the manic syndrome. She was always energetic from the time she was born and a little moody at times.

Characteristic features of bipolar disorder are the following: very changeable mood (abrupt leaps from high spirits to out of humor condition), expressive depression and mania state, problems connected with concentration of attention etc. Logically, patients of bipolar I stage with the illness development move on towards bipolar II stage, because some individuals with bipolar I do not “advance” beyond classical set of symptoms that characterize this stage, to more severe phases of mania. It is clear that in our society many people live with bipolar disorder; however, despite the abundance of people suffering from the it, we are still waiting for definite explanations for the causes and cure.

These four body fluids were believed to have been the cause of bipolar disorder in that they caused chemical imbalances within the body. Patient M shows all these symptoms while talking to her friends and professors in college. Moreover, the Greeks believed that by acquiring equilibrium within the body, a person would need to purge themselves, or release certain amounts of these fluids. Different from the normal ups and downs that everyone goes through, the symptoms of bipolar disorder are severe.

Bipolar Disorder is one of many depressive disorders which affect the way your brain functions. Some of the symptoms of a depressive episode include anhedonia, disturbances in sleep and appetite, psycomoter retardation, loss of energy, feelings of worthlessness, guilt, difficulty thinking, indecision, and recurrent thoughts of death and suicide (Hollandsworth, Jr. Because bipolar disorder has such debilitating symptoms, it is imperative that we remain vigilant in the quest for explanations of its causes and treatment. This paper will discuss bipolar disorder as well as give a short history of the mental illness, the subcategories and the symptoms, as well as causes and treatments. These symptoms include hyperactivity, pressure of speech, flight of ideas, inflated self-esteem, decreased need for sleep, distractibility, and excessive involvement in activities that have a high potential for painful consequences”. Depressive disorders are very common in fact, about 1 out of 7 people are diagnosed with a depressive disorder each year. Select LanguageEnglishAfrikaansAlbanianArabicArmenianAzerbaijaniBasqueBelarusianBulgarianCatalanChinese (Simplified)Chinese (Traditional)CroatianCzechDanishDutchEstonianFilipinoFinnishFrenchGalicianGeorgianGermanGreekHaitian CreoleHebrewHindiHungarianIcelandicIndonesianIrishItalianJapaneseKoreanLatvianLithuanianMacedonianMalayMalteseNorwegianPersianPolishPortugueseRomanianRussianSerbianSlovakSlovenianSpanishSwahiliSwedishThaiTurkishUkrainianUrduVietnameseWelshYiddish. It is often not recognized as an illness, and people may suffer for years before it is properly diagnosed and treated. For many years, bipolar disorder was argued to have been caused by spiritual factors as well; however, researchers narrowed the causes down to intellect verses emotion.

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in a person’s mood, energy, and ability to function. The manic episodes are characterized by elevated or irritable mood, increased energy, decreased need for sleep, poor judgment and insight, and often reckless or irresponsible behavior (Hollandsworth, Jr. Bipolar disorder is divided into two types according to the display of mania and level of depression of the patient. But there is good news: bipolar disorder can be treated, and people with this illness can lead full and productive lives. During depressive periods, patient can experience a wide range of feelings and emotions, such as sadness, feeling of loneliness, indifference, loss not only of interest to life, but appetite as well. Bipolar affective disorder affects approximately one percent of the population (approximately three million people) in the United States. Her parents thought it was normal because their son would have an attitude at times too. However, some people have their first symptoms during childhood, and some develop them late in life. Bipolar disorder, also called a manic-depressive illness, is a common disorder which causes mood swings, lasting periods of depression, and episodes of mania.

Bipolar Disorder is a mental illness that has many effects on the human body and mind. Among numerous illnesses that exist nowadays in the world and make a large number of people suffer every day, the bipolar disorder, better known under its old name, manic-depressive illness, is considered to be one of the difficult mental diseases. They can result in damaged relationships, poor job or school performance, and even suicide. Affective disorders are characterized by a smorgasbord of symptoms that can be broken into manic and depressive episodes. People with bipolar disorder undergo two specific mood swings: depression and mania.

Help solving physics problems

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You may use different tools or tactics with
differing areas of physics, but the overall strategy remains the
same. In my experience tutoring for (and taking) low level physics classes, I have worked out a few ground rules that can help you conquer problems. You are encouraged to read each problem and practice the use of the strategy in the solution of the problem.

Like other areas of
learning and life, some of these habits may be beneficial and
some may actually hinder your progress in learning how to solve
physics problems. Determine the time required for a penny to free fall from the deck to the street below. So, in learning this new approach, be
willing to try new ideas and to discard old habits that may in
fact be hindering your understanding. A useful problem-solving strategy was presented for use with these equations and two examples were given that illustrated the use of the strategy. As you mature as a
physics problem solver, you will find that the approach will
become second nature to you. Most likely, you have already acquired some
problem-solving skills and habits from previous courses in
physics, chemistry, or mathematics. In general, physics seems to have this aura to it that scares people before they even start solving a problem. From now on, the only thing that you need to concentrate on is converting the horrible, confusing chunk of text into readable bits that fit into your formulas.

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Quite often, it’s the panic itself that prevents students from dealing with the subject carefully and getting the most out of those courses. While accelerating through the barrel of the rifle, the bullet moves a distance of 0. These problems allow any student of physics to test their understanding of the use of the four kinematic equations to solve problems involving the one-dimensional motion of objects. Then, the application of the kinematic equations and the problem-solving strategy to free-fall motion was discussed and illustrated. Is it Superman’s velocity as he flies to save Lois Lane a certain distance away? You look at the question and the sentences loom at you menacingly, confusing you to no end. The situation is quite the contrary: we strive to deliver custom written papers prior to initial deadline! Assuming this minimum acceleration, what is the minimum allowed length for the runway?

What to put on college application

No other system matches the diversity of colleges and universities accessible through the Common App. Then, begin organizing your own materials with a timeline for the college application process. Introduction: Applying to collegeHear from Sal and admissions officers on what it takes to put together a college application.

Hear from admissions officers and current college students about what actually makes a great college application essay. He also has applied separately for a merit scholarship at Beloit College, which would require him to visit the campus in January or February. High school seniors, including my son, are furiously cranking out college applications. Writing a strong college admissions essay Avoiding common admissions essay mistakes Brainstorming tips for your college essay How formal should the tone of your college essay be? The college admissions process can be intimidating, but is also an exciting opportunity to showcase your talents, achievements, and perspective. The Common Application, a not-for-profit membership organization that is committed to advancing college access, has added over 40 new members.

Manage your deadlines and view application progress in one convenient dashboard. Prepare yourself for success with guidance from experts on topics such as admissions essays, letters of recommendation, and alumni interviews. Sal Khan's story: Applying to college Overview: Applying to college Timeline: Applying to college College application processStart by addressing some of the basic questions of the college application process: when should you apply, how should you fill out the application forms, and when have you applied to enough schools? There is no need to repeat your applicant details for every college on your list. The Common App is the most seamless way to manage the application process for students, counselors, and recommenders. I was totally stressed about applying to college, but the Common App made it really simple by letting me fill out one application for almost all of the colleges on my list. When he contacted the college, however, the admission office allowed him to turn in the supplemental application late. My son, for instance, must complete a different application for a science scholarship that Lake Forest College offers. Each 10 Step Guide distills a complex subject into easy-to-follow and concrete action steps.

My son discovered this the hard way when he hit the submit button to send his supplemental application to a college and thought he was finished. Deciding when to apply: Early vs regular decision Filling out the college application: Common application walkthrough College application checklist Applying to the right number of colleges Receiving an admissions decision: Admit, deny, or waitlist Admissions essaysStudents often view the admissions essay as a chance to show off their "x-factor. By waiting, you might receive a better financial aid or scholarship offer in the next few months. But no, another screen appears that requires an applicant to hit another far less prominent button to submit yet again.

How to write a case study on a patient

After becoming familiar with the different types and styles of case study instructions and how each applies to your purposes, there are some steps that make writing flow smoothly and ensure the development and delivery of a uniform case study that can be used to prove a point or illustrate accomplishments. He also complained of having chest pain and a first episode of shortness of breath earlier before he was admitted into the hospital. A well-written case study paper for a nursing program requires some planning and consideration. Search for case studies that have been published on the same or similar subject matter.

Make sure you outline causes, symptoms, observations and how preferred treatments can affect nursing care. Corporations may choose illustrative case study method to show what has been done for a client; schools, educators and students may select cumulative or critical case study method and legal teams may demonstrate exploratory (investigative) case study method as a way to provide factual evidence. Patient then denied of having any chest discomfort or shortness of breath, headache and abdominal pain. There are also various uses for writing case studies, from academic research purposes to provision of corporate proof points. Determine which case study type, design or style is most suitable to your intended audience. Besides that, patient also complained of having polyuria and needed to wake up more than 3 times at night for micturation. This keeps them logical and helps readers quickly find the information they are looking for. The authors and their professional contact information, including their institution, should be listed. There are approximately four types of case studies: illustrative (descriptive of events), exploratory (investigative), cumulative (collective information comparisons) and critical (examine particular subject with cause and effect outcomes).

The initial impression of this patient by the general practitioner in the hospital was impending diabetes ketoacidosis. Later in the afternoon, patient complained of excessive sweating and lack of appetite for the past 3 days. You will then follow this up with a fact-gathering step in which you will gather and collate the content of your paper. A nursing case study paper contains several sections that fall into three categories: . All too often students begin writing before they complete appropriate, preliminary steps. A medical case study report is a published document in which doctors document and share their experiences treating patients so that other doctors can learn from them. The title is important because many readers will be searching for papers of interest in online databases. The first author, generally the person who did most of the writing, will be the corresponding author to whom questions can be addressed. Patient runs his own business and is currently staying with his wife and 3 children. When you are discussing the nursing assessment of the patient describe the patient’s problems in terms of nursing diagnoses.

The title should contain a phrase like case study or case report, so that readers understand what type of study it is. Start your research at the library and/or on the Internet to begin delving into a specific problem. Ideally, before you begin a paper, you should already have determined the focus and format of it. According to the patient, the paternal side of his family has family history of hypertension and kidney failure where else for the maternal side, hypertension was known to be the family history. An effective title might also say what condition the patient had, how it was treated, and whether the outcome was successful.

What makes a good powerpoint presentation

To create a passing presentation, I need to demonstrate design skills, technical literacy, and a sense of personal style. Tip: Resize your slides before you add any objects to them or the dimensions of your objects will become skewed. PowerPoint makes bulleting automatic, but ask yourself: Are bullets actually appropriate for what you need to do? For example, even the best visuals used in support of a presentation for one audience on, say, quantum mechanics, may appear complicated and confusing to a different audience. The body: The body of the presentation is basically the largest part and it goes into detail explaining the thesis. Get rid of your guessing game and let PowerPoint work its magic with this trick. Remember, the slides are meant to support the narration of the speaker, not make the speaker superfluous.

The less clutter you have on your slide, the more powerful your visual message will become. So much depends on how the visual is placed within the context of the presentation, and the content and objectives of that particular presentation are of paramount concern. You know too much: Really work at putting it across in a way the audience can understand. To get your sales message critiqued for free, subscribe to his free weekly Sales Source newsletter. Simple but not simplisticIf there is one important precept worth following, it is the idea of simplicity.

The software was designed as a convenient way to display graphical information that would support the speaker and supplement the presentation. In Living Zen, author Robert Linsen (in speaking on the simplification of needs in everyday life) says that a "simplification of existence" is a consequence of an "effective experience of Zen. The goal of this rule is to increase the reach of your speech by preventing listeners from reading other points that could be displayed in your slide.

Even if my spoken presentation is well rehearsed, a bad visual experience can ruin it for the audience. This may sound insane given the dependency of text slides today, but the best PowerPoint slides will be virtually meaningless with out the narration (that is you). This raises the question then: "What are the minimum or maximum needs for an individual? Unlike facts, stories speak to the heart, and every good presentation uses stories to illustrate points and to help people make an emotional connection to the message. They bring the audience members to the point where they make a buying decision: either a final decision (“We want this product now! I usually hesitate to send examples of slides since my answer to the question, "what does a great PowerPoint slide look like? As highly evolved as we like to think we are, human beings typically do not read and listen simultaneously, so overwhelming your audience with dense chunks of text is the kiss of death. Having properly aligned objects on your slide is the key to making it look polished and professional. But boring an audience with bullet point after bullet point is of little benefit to them.

While you usually can get away with the default slide size for most presentations, you may need to adjust it for larger presentations on weirdly sized displays. Without a good knowledge of the place and circumstance, and the content and context of a presentation, it is impossible to say this is "appropriate" and that is "inappropriate. I realize that looks a little like the papers you wrote in college, but it really works for presentations too. I usually outline my presentations like this: Introduction: The intro sets the stage for the presentation.

Good presentations are uncommon, but great presentations are rare as basilisk teeth. Instead of a copy of your PowerPoint slides, it is far better to prepare a written document which highlights your content from the presentation and expands on that content. Rather than containing stories, great presentations take the audience through an emotional journey that creates a reason to decide right here, right now.

The conclusion: The conclusion sums everything up and restates what the audience has learned in the presentation. Do not feel compelled to fill empty areas on your slide with your logo or other unnecessary graphics or text boxes that do not contribute to better understanding.

Score.org business plan template

This template can be beneficial to people seeking to start a business, or operate an existing one without having first written a plan.  Writing a business plan is one of the most important steps in starting a new business. The first template is for a startup business and the second is for an existing business.

Creating your business plan is more than just getting your ideas down on paper for potential funders to see. And don’t forget, SCORE counselors stand ready to help you with writing this plan or any other facet of starting, growing, or running a business. For a business plan sample closely related to your business, please call our office for an appointment. The Refining the Plan resource that comes with it is helpful, especially if this is your first crack at writing a business plan. Every year, SCORE volunteers help thousands of entrepreneurs start small businesses and achieve new levels of success in their existing businesses. This document offers a ready-made, easy-to-use format for writing a Business Plan. Score is an American nonprofit dedicated to helping entrepreneurs get their companies off the ground.

Bad location, a marginal niche, having no specific user in mind, raising too much or too little money–all of these issues can be prevented or at least mitigated with good planning.  These hardworking entrepreneurs come from all across the United States and provide diverse products and services for their clients, but they all share in their dedication to making their dreams a reality. Volunteering at SCORE is a way for you to give back to your community, connect with fellow business owners and pass on your knowledge to the next generation of entrepreneurs in your community. Moreover though, a solid business plan is a living document that will continue to guide your efforts as your business grows. Check out these comprehensive business plan templates you can download for free to get you started: .

The document will guide you through everything from analyzing the market opportunity to financing and much more. Download the Microsoft Word template above to help guide you through the process of creating a business plan. Find business planning, finance, sales, marketing and management templates & guides. It might even lead you to kill off aspects of your business before investing too much time or money in them.